Blog for Starting and Running Projects

Running projects is challenging. These articles cover many of the common problems in Project Management and what to do to overcome them.

We Are Agile So We Don’t Need Project Managers Any More

How Agile software development and Project Management work together is often misunderstood. This article explains when you need a Project Manager and why you might not need one if your Agile software process is really mature. <Read More>

5 Project Team Blockers Making Your Project Late

There are many reasons why projects become late but often project teams are operating under severe constraints. This article looks at the typical constraints, blockers and impediments for project teams and what to do to fix it. <Read More>

Small project challenges

Why Small Projects Take Too Long

Running small projects can often quite challenging. This article looks at some typical types of small project, how they come about, the associated challenges and some strategies for running them. <Read More>

How To Write Better Project Status Reports

Project Managers need to be good communicators and to update stakeholders regularly. This article looks at how to write more effective project status reports. <Read More>

How To Start Your Project Faster

Getting your project started correctly is the foundation to the future success of the project. This article looks at how to start you project up properly with an effective plan. <Read More>

How To Manage Project Risk

Risk Management is a key activity for Project Managers. This article looks at how to manage project risk by identifying it early, communicating it clearly and managing it effectively. <Read More>

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